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Festive Season Comp

our story

At ZZ2 our food journey started over 110 years ago. Since then we have grown into a farming conglomerate that does not only provide South Africans with healthy and affordable food every day of the year, but exports high-value produce all over the world.

It is our quest to be the benchmark of success in agriculture, to create a home for our people, to be an integral part of the communities we live in and to shape the future through economic growth. But above all, we believe we are connected to our customers and the rest of the world through our passion and heritage.

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embracing nature

More than two decades ago, ZZ2 steered away from conventional, industrial agriculture towards a system that aims to farm in harmony with nature. We call this Natuurboerdery®.

Natuurboerdery® is farming with awareness and sensitivity towards the ever changing natural and human environment, and adapting to this change with best efficiency in order to stay relevant and to prosper.

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Ke Tzwa Tzweo

In honour of our Selobedu heritage, the Sepedi/ Northern Sotho phrase, 'Ke Tzwa Tzweo', was added to our brand in recent years. Its literal translation is ‘That's it’.

This means that we are considerate towards our environment and stakeholders; we believe in fairness and integrity; we work with determination and persistence; and we believe in tolerance and restraint in our daily drive. That’s it, Ke Tzwa Tzweo!

Latest recipe

Blueberry Afrikado Avocado Salad

latest recipe

Blueberry Afrikado Avocado Salad



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