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Medjools are often called "little nutrition bombs" - they are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. It is the biggest of the date varieties with a soft, moist and meaty texture. They have a deep brown skin colour with a flavour that can be described as caramel-like. The dates vary greatly in size, from large to jumbo. Health benefits include the ability to decrease cholesterol, prevent and relieve constipation, serves as a natural energy booster, is good for your heart through reducing Triglyceride levels, can be used as an alternative sweetener and boosts bone health through the significant levels of key minerals found in the fruit.

ZZ2 Medjools  dates on the tree
Farming with medjools

ZZ2 Karas Medjool Dates originate from Southern Namibia and the name was derived from the Karas region, of which the town Karasburg is 120km from our Haakiesdoorn date farm on the banks of the Orange River. ZZ2 joined forces with partners with experience in the cultivation of dates and started to plant Medjool date palm trees on Haakiesdoorn.

The Orange river ensures an abundant water supply that is important for optimal production. The dry climate coupled to the intense heat for most of the year provides an ideal growing environment for optimal fruit development. The harvested fruit is cooled immediately after picking. It is then sorted into five different classes, varying from export quality to fruit suitable for processing. It is then frozen and kept until it is released onto the markets. Despite their frozen status, Medjool dates are considered a fresh fruit.

ZZ2 karas medjool dates packaging

The export standard of ZZ2 Karas Medjool Dates are in 5kg boxes consisting of loose fruit. For the local South African market, the fruit is available in 400g punnets, 400g pouches, 1kg boxes and 5kg boxes. They are available on national fresh produce markets and in supermarkets countrywide throughout the year.

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ZZ2 Karas Dates Pouches

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