Aerial view of ZZ2 Head Office


our values and
value system

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core business

Our system offers high quality, primary agricultural produce to customers who seek value. Our practices optimise resources and rely on principles that are ethical, environmentally friendly and economically sustainable.


ZZ2 aims to be the benchmark of success in agriculture and to create sustainable value for all its stakeholders as a living, open system.

our stakeholders

  • Customers

  • Input providers (suppliers, banks, etc.)

  • Trading partners (agents, wholesalers, etc.)

  • Government (local, provincial and national)

  • Society around us (local, national and international)

  • Future generations

  • Employees

  • Shareholders

  • Nature

What differentiates zz2?

  • Our value system.

  • Our open systems philosophy.

  • Our brand and customer value proposition.

  • Value creation with integrated optimized converters in the value chain.

  • Farming in harmony with nature (Natuurboerdery®).

  • Our synergistic and enabling relationships with our stakeholders.

  • Specialist support services.

  • Diligence and concentrated attention.

  • Economies of scale.

strategic management

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sotho idioms

At ZZ2 we are guided by the many idioms in the Sotho language. Watch these videos on how we implement them in our daily operations.

Horns that are pasted on, will fall off.
Don’t dance before the music start.
A hyena contemplating more than one option, will hurt its back.
A pride of lions that do not hunt together cannot even bring down a sick buffalo.
If you spare the rod, you spoil the child.
You can’t dance on one leg.

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