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ZZ2 CEO’s tenure as global PMA Vice-Chairman ends

The three-year tenure of ZZ2’s CEO, Mr Tommie van Zyl, as Vice-Chairman of the Produce Marketing Association’s Global Board and Executive Council, ended during the PMA Fresh Summit Conference and Exhibition in Anaheim, California in October 2019.

Tommie says the PMA affords members the opportunity to build global networks and to create a better world by enabling increased consumption of fruit and vegetables with great success.

“It is a great opportunity for businesses to showcase themselves and their products while building networks globally.” The value of PMA membership is especially significant for South African producers. 

“We should develop an international network and export focus to unlock South Africa’s full potential. The PMA is a great platform to build networks, gain insights, develop knowledge and to know where opportunities for growth lies. South Africa is in a fantastic position to get great things done. South Africans should also be adaptable to a changing world. The market is waiting for us,” he said.

ZZ2 CEO’s tenure as global PMA Vice-Chairman ends

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