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Training of ZZ2 Cattle Handlers and Herdsmen

ZZ2 just completed its second training course for cattle handlers and herdsmen. The week-long training consisted of theoretical as well as practical sessions during which the students were exposed to the following subjects and topics:

- The use of the Daily Observation Card for Early Disease Identification and Reporting.

- Basic examination of the sick animal.

- Recording of findings – Observation, Examination and Background information.

- Principles of cattle handling according to animal and human safety procedures.

- Different disease treatment and prevention remedies and the correct handling of remedies.

- Different application methods of disease treatment and prevention remedies. Special focus on tick treatments and wound treatments

- Principles of grazing management and measurement of growth (weighing) and body condition (BCS).

- Basic principles – Husbandry procedures, basic daily needs of cattle and grazing management.

- Inspection and maintenance of the handling facility Cattle handling (Kraal and crush pen)

These courses are now concluded with a week-long practical evaluation of all students on all the tutored subjects and topics to qualify as either a cattle handler or a herdsman.

These courses were presented by Dr Danie Odendaal and supported by Dr Doug Reed.

Training of ZZ2 Cattle Handlers and Herdsmen

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